News Roundup – Forests, Coastlines, Godwit Days and More

2014 marks the 20th birthday of the Northwest Forest Plan, a legislative compromise between logging company and ecological interests. The North Coast Journal takes a look at the outcomes so far for both the timber industry and the Spotted Owl.

After long periods of debate and public input, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors has unanimously voted in favor of moving forward with the acquisition of the McKay tract and establishment of a community forest in the Eureka area. The 1000-acre plot that is being purchased by the county will have trails constructed and eventually be open to the public. If further funding is approved, an additional land purchase and a conservation easement are planned to add to the the community forest, expanding it greatly.

The Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement, a pact between the Klamath Tribes and irrigators in the upper Klamath basin, has cleared the way for further dam removals, pending federal legislation to implement the projects. Salmon populations in the Klamath River and its tributaries have been stressed considerably by damming, agricultural runoff and excessive water diversions during dry years. This agreement will potentially open up new spawning grounds for the river’s Chinook salmon and help secure sufficient water flow to support fish and other wildlife.

Ever wonder what the world of nudibranch research looks like? Bay Nature gives us a look at the people studying sea slugs in a recent article. Additionally, the publication has provided a look at some research about exactly how oil spills harm fish.

Arcata, California is now holding its annual Godwit Days Migratory Bird Festival featuring a large number of free and affordable events for Humboldt locals and visitors. See the event calendar and make reservations for wildlife tours and activities here.

Marbled Godwits flocking at Arcata Marsh

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